Keep Goin…

This feeling…something
a mist. A fog….maybe darkness…

Binding in its chains
Too difficult to break
Deep within, it is emotions that is seen
Bound in this frozen chains of darkness

Is this what is wanted?
Is this what is needed?
It all just flees
Losing memory….losing sense
It hurts to breathe
Oh! it hurts even to blink
And yet must move on
Struggling against the chain that binds
Struggling to break it…to fight it

A mere memory..
A lonely place… a misty ground
Trees all around, no one in sight
Running away, turning around,
Being chased…feeling it all.

Turn around, showing fear
Standing still, fight it
No more… no more…
It has gone on for too long
Be afraid another day
Fight, today… break the chains
Grab the sword…
Run… slash the darkness…
Lose the fear.
Slam the emotions down.
Don’t let it win.

Let tomorrow fight tomorrow
Win for today, it is yours…
Don’t lose it.
Keep goin….


A futile struggle

Sitting here and staring,
Struggling against the bonds that bind me close.
Trying to forget all that was,
Trying to cope with all that is
Trying to hope for all that will be.
A wish upon a shooting star
A wish to escape it all
But still wish to face it instead.
To say, just let it go away.

I want to strike back with all I have
And yet t’ll hurt the more I care.
For alone in this cavern I do know
That the ones who bind me love me all the more.
Or maybe its just whimsical thinking on my part.
For do I really know these people here.
What they want from me is what I hold so dear.

I struggle against the binds
I struggle to give and I struggle to hide.
I know not what I ought to do.
Its one big confusion that binds me true.
To escape means to kill all whom I hold near
To stay would kill me deep within
What to do ? I just wish I knew.

Just an answer will not do
For white and black makes not life.
Its all shades of grey I see,
And from it my bonds will not fall.
Its all a matter of opinion I think
To stay or move is as I choose to think.

Amidst all this thoughts so blue
Can I find it in my heart so true
Just to be and just to live
For I fear I cannot kill.
So all I do is just hope on
That they do not see
The broken glass upon which I tred.
For now its only I who feel.
So God give me courage to speak no more.
Just smile and sit and the world will think no more.

In search of it

In this barren land I seek,
For that of which I cannot speak.
With it I can sleep without dreams,
With it I can live my life in peace.

Though the sun is high up in the sky,
I still tread on, my vision all a haze.
Alone in this place I blindly move,
Still it evades me, that which I seek.

Stop it! I bid my mind.
Yea, I do know, this land is not real.
Yet the feeling remains all the same.
My wish for all this to cease is futile.

A little love, a little laughter that’s all I ask.
With that I will be the warrior,
And slay this sunny hell where I dwell.
With it I can finally escape to where I belong…
To where I belong…

Sanskrit Poet’s Game Part I

I used to participate in this game in, later though I never continued. It was fun while it lasted. I always wanted to go try the last prompt.Anyway here is how this game works.

You write a prompt..a line. The next user/poster should write a poem with the prompted line as the last line.  So just for your knowledge..the last line of each of there was a prompt from different users.

These are some of the things I wrote as part of the game…. ‘It’s nothing great.’ as someone I know would say…’Just think about it’ as a certain other someone would say.(I am naming no names.)

The Rider

The battle was fought, and all were gone,
The city lay barren, serene and quiet.
In the grounds were they all
Upon the bloody sodden earth.
Blood lay thick upon each one
Some were hurt and others gone;
Never to return and live the life
Which they had fought hard to triumph.
Some came back, but not to live
Just to haunt the place so still;
And to make the foe no more.
They were eerie and faint to see
Some laughed and others cried,
And some looked on with fury and rage.
But one stood out so light and clearly cut,
Upon a horse, pale and thin,
This pale horse rider out for blood.

© 12th March 2007


Swift swam the eel,
To escape the net,
Which came like a noose
Upon its head.
Though it swam fast
Quick upon its fins approached net.

It was all sudden
The eel was caught,
It tried its electric trick,
But all was lost.
It was born as an egg,
Next became an elver,
Then an eel;
Now it was food for the lot.
All that matters is how it tastes.
Thus it all depends on the taste of eels boiled in a pot…

© 13th March 2007

The Animal Train

Thirty carriages going by,
Over the mountains
Over the plains.
Each was filled full of beasts,
Each as different as can be.
One was filled with flocks of sheep,
One with lions, bears and geese.
The train went on and on and on.
The Arctic was its final point.

First came the engine
Humming on above the oceans so blue
Fishes, Dolphins, Whales and eels
Did acrobatic tricks to tease
Over and under they went,
And finally into the carriage.
They reached the Arctic finally;
When the whistler, whistles at dawn’s yawning.

© 14th March 2007

Her life

She saw herself standing all alone
Near the lakeside
Watching her reflection,
Thinking her thoughts.
Ripples came over
obstructing her view
Of the crooked figure
She saw in the lake.

Why was it that life was so unfair?
Why was it that she got all the worst?
Why was it that no one came by?
Why was it that she was all alone?
None to protect, none to console.
Her whole world was falling to pieces
All around the life she made.
Trying to destroy , Trying to save.

And yet above her the stars
Blinked at the world below.
All around evergreen trees,
Sang their song so mellow.
Music came , music went ,
None disturbing the orphan heart.
T’was because Over the lake
Music stopped the way the voices fall short.

© 16th March 2007


500000 flamingos in my country,
Flapping their wings.
50000 flamingos in my state,
Stamping their feet.
5000 flamingos in my district,
Eating their fish.
500 flamingoes in my street,
Flying upside down.
50 Flamingos in my lawn
Making weird noises.
Thats why I woke up with 50 pink flamingos on my lawn.

© 19th March 2007