“Most of everyday life is nonlinear, and the principle of superposition fails spectacularly. If you listen to your two favourite songs at the same time, you won’t get double the pleasure!” ~ Nonlinear dynamics and Chaos by Strogatz


Couldnt sleep

Couldn’t sleep. Didn’t feel like doing anything much. So somehow I ended up sort of renovating my whole blog.


But gonna turn in now though.


Dreamless night

All alone on a dreamless night,
Trying to search for a flickering light
Searching, Searching all in vain.
How to escape this dreary plane.
A mist, a fog, of endless nights
All the same in all this time.
Change,  please change, a desperate cry.
Tearing the darkest of the dark.
And still the search is on today.
A pulsing beat of hope remains.
If not today then some other day.
This night will turn to dawn.
A dawn for you, a dawn for me,
A new dawn for each of us.
How we take is, what remains
For you can make a dawn or night.

Just a bit more

“Just a bit more”, Ryan muttered to himself as he tried to pull himself up the rocky outcrop. It was a depressing day, the wind made howling noises, the sky was a murky grey with hints of a downpour at any second.

Ryan was out hiking for the weekend. He loved the outdoors and always tried to find time to go out and do the things he loved. But sadly as one oftentimes encounters in life, loving something may not really be the same as wanting to do something.

For some people, loving something and doing something was synonymous. Not for him though. He loved to go out trekking and cycling. But doing it always seemed a chore to him. And he kept putting it off. But does that mean that he shouldn’t actually do it? This was a constant question in his mind.

And now in this struggle to climb up, his mind decided to remind him of all this. He grunted to himself, still trying to catch a foothold on something.

“This is sadistic really. Why do I put myself through this?”, Ryan muttered again just as he pulled himself up. But the view which greeted his eyes shut down his overthinking mind for a few seconds. Mountains.. a chain of mountains with dark grey Numbus clouds gliding past and through them.  The same howling of the wind which had seemed depressing earlier ceased to be so. Now it just sounded like a breeze. Or maybe a strong sounding breeze..

So the end, justifies the man then, Ryan thought. Smiling to himself, he sank down and leaned against a boulder. Staring at the clouds he thought, So what if I hate doing it? I guess it is for the feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of having done something , something which I always wanted to do, mayhaps yes.


ILLUSIONS – Richard Bach

I first heard of Richard Bach when I was 15 years old. [Seems like a lifetime has passed since then]. For my school farewell, an IAS officer, Usha Titus, if I remember right. She made a suggestion to all of us to read  Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  I read it after a few years. It was a good read. And so recently after I started earning myself. I decided to get a copy of his other book, ILLUSIONS – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

Richard Bach is an author who has a background as a Pilot. So its obvious why two of his best-selling ( according to Wikipedia ) books are concerned with flying directly as well as indirectly. His books have an underlying philosophy which is seen in a lot of self-help books that I have read. Belief. Having faith or believing that one can do something is enough. There are no physical limitations to our pursuit. Whatever limitations we see are what we make.
Illusions starts off with some sentences or verses maybe about a Master, a Messiah born in Indiana. When you look at it in passing it appears to be like a parody of the Bible[No offense]… Indeed, I found this parody or rather a different take to the Bible at different points throughout. The starting few pages are filled with the history of one ‘Donald Shimoda’ and of his experience being a Messiah. It was a bit confusing initially. But once the book starts off. It’s not as daunting as it seems.
Richard meets Donald or ‘Don’ while flying his aircraft over the towns and selling rides in the biplane. 3$ rides… He meets another person Don, doing the same with his aircraft. And curiosity or one can say fate pulled Richard towards Don and they meet. What follows can be said to be a short informative sessions on becoming a Messiah for Richard by Don, with a little help from the ;Messiah’s Handbook’.
Short paragraphs and sentences from this handbook is strewn all throughout the book. We know all of it, but we never acknowledge the fact that we know it.
One quote which stuck with me is
 “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.’
The book will be interesting for those who are interested in self-help type of books. To the rest, I am not sure. It may seem boring to some, because there is no plot as such. Information is imparted to us via conversations between Don and Richard.
Another portion of the book which stayed with me was when Richard asks Don , ‘Why we are here?’ as in whats the point of life. Don’s answer is perfect in a way. He takes Richard to a movie. Don then proceeds to disturb him in the midst of the movie asking him why he was watching that movie and so on.
Later he explains that even the worlds greatest movie is an illusion. Knowing people still go there to watch it. For the reasons Fun & Learning. All other reasons are just subsets of these two. So It’s the same with life. So if it’s a horror movie, or bad lot in life. It is because that is what we expect to happen.
Over all its a good read. And some of those quotes are really packed with meanings. you may even get a paradigm shift at some point.
I can’t really explain it well. Reading it in that situation makes it sound better.

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What is the Universe In? – Anthony Grey

So the latest book I read is ‘What is the Universe in?’ by Anthony Grey.
The author wrote this book from the time in which he wad detained in China for being a journalist for Reuters. At the time of Cultural Revolution in China, he was the sole Reuter Correspondent (and the only British Journalist) in Peking. Apparently some Chinese Journalists were taken hostage in Hong Kong by the British Authorities. He was held hostake for two whole years. He is supposedly the ‘first international hostage of the modern era’ ( quoted from — http://www.anthony-grey.co.uk/index.html).
Being confined to a room, he wrote a set of short stories to keep his mind occupied. Of the set, 7 is published in this book.
Before I move on to the my opinion on the stories, reading of Hong Kong and Britain made me look up history and strangely I was surprised to know that I did not know that Britain had occupied Hong Kong till 1997. Ofcourse I knew that the United Kingdom had a lot of colonies. But I was of the opinion that all that was over atleast by the 1980s.
 It seems that Hong Kong was still a colony of Britain as far as 1997 at the time of which the Hong Kong handover took place. ( — http://gohongkong.about.com/od/historyandcultureofhk/a/hkhandover.htm)
Now on to the book. The short stories in the book are
— Himself
— The Old Man and the leaves
— To cut a long story short
— Gollywhite for Sigmund
— Crime and Calculus
— Newton’s Lore of Gravity
— A man was Later Detained.
 I am do not generally read short stories. But the title and the words ‘Philosophical reflections’ made me grab the book from the library before my mind could even process what I had in my hand..
The whole book makes one think about what we are, why we do the things we do and what the point of it all is. Each story has a few pages before it where the author indirectly writes about his confinement or something related. There is a part before ‘A man was Later Deained’ named ‘No Story’. That really got me thinking. What the author says is generally before one writes a news article one should check for the fact with the given questions.
Why? &
 So if one asks this question in relation to our life, then one starts thinking why we are doing what we do. I mean we don’t know the answer to any of these questions and yet we fight and struggle in life to get to someplace which we feel is great. But isn’t it all relative? I mean what we desire is what we have observed from the time of our childhood. A person whose childhood held all the material things that money could buy would desire entirely different things from a person who has lived in dire poverty and had to struggle to get even a single meal per day.
So in short there is no point in it? or is it as they say  ‘What you believe is what you get!’ or is it

I wrote the above as a draft and never got round to post it. So I thought I’ll post it anyways…

Wrote this on 11 June 2015

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Randomness at its best

If I asked you to guess what this is, you might say it was abstract art by some artist.



But the truth is this was created by accident. In my office lift, the had tried to limit some floors of the lift by fixing a plastic panel on top of the numbers with fevicol [or some other glue].

But the randomness of the universe which caused this formation is awesome. Indeed this proves that chaos and randomness are a beauty to be admired.