KINDLE – Why I love it

I bought the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite few months back. And what else can I say except that its awesomeness all wrapped up.

Buying a kindle has been one of my dreams. From 2007 when it first came out I have been following its progress, waiting for price to come down. And well..waiting to earn for myself :). Meanwhile I just kept using my old phone to read eBooks [Note. the screen size was approx. 2×2 inch, I myself don’t know how I used to read on it].

I know there are other e-book readers out there too. But the Kindle always pulled at my heart.

So the Kindle. What is so special about it? Why  did I spend almost 10k on a tablet like device which will only let you read books? With that much amount you can get a good quality tab which will let you play games, listen to music, chat, browse and do such tasks which you never even thought of. This is what almost every person has asked me when they see me using it. And I am sure a lot of people think of it, if not ask out aloud.

So here’s my reason of why a Kindle is worth its weight in gold (erm..maybe not Gold. It’s too costly these days).

I live in a place which is almost 15-16 hours travel away from my hometown. So any visits home mean endless hours of boredom. For me reading matters more than social networking stuff like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. So I always end up reading something during my travel. But using a tablet/Phone to read books drains the battery. My tab lasted for around 5 – 6  hrs of its battery life before I had to close it. And I wouldn’t have even been halfway past my total journey time by then. I could carry a book to read instead of eBooks. But I usually end up finishing it soon and taking up a lot of books would increase my luggage unnecessarily.

And therein lies my reason as to why I love my Kindle and spent a lot for it.
– I get a lot of battery power. I just need to charge once in a few weeks and that is enough.
– I get to carry as many e-books as I want to.

Other reasons:-
– The lighting is from the bottom of the screen. It falls on the screen and not directly on the eyes. [Better than Tab/ Phone which seems too bright in the dark]
– I can use the Kindle in the sunlight also. No glare on the screen. Can’t say the same for mobiles/Tabs

Once I decided to buy the kindle there was confusion as to which one to
– Normal
– With WiFi
– With 3G

I chose the one with WiFi, since it has an experimental browser, which you can actually use to browse simple webpages [check mail, read fan-fiction …]. And on top of that it has in-built light whereas the normal one doesn’t.

In the case of the Kindle with 3G I felt it was costly. The device will grab whichever 3G network was available. But since I have mobile internet. I can always create a Wifi hotspot and use it with the Kindle. There was no other new feature other than that. So I stuck to the Kindle Paperwhite with WiFi in the end. 🙂

But I have to say, lot of people won’t agree with this reasoning. But as they say, ‘To each his own’.

After I got the kindle I started loving it even more… But that is going to be another post.

Check it out
To be continued

INFO: Keep your 15GB base storage on your OneDrive account – COMPLETE BY JAN 31, 2016

Good thing. I saw this post in time to do it.

Kurt Shintaku's Blog

Keep your existing 15GB base storage on OneDrive before it drops to 5GB on Jan 31, 2016. Go to the link below, click on the button while signed in to OneDrive and your account will not be affected when the amount of free storage changes from 15 GB to 5 GB and the +15 GB camera roll bonus is discontinued.*

REDEMPTION: Keep your 15GB based storage on OneDrive

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Windows Phone – Deleting history in IE

I have a windows phone and for a long time I have been searching to find a way to delete the Search History in internet explorer.


Somehow nothing on the internet helped me. I ended up finding the way by myself. Just thought I’d share it.

To Delete Browsing History

Go to IE –> Tap on the three dots



–> Tap on recent


–> Tap on the thrash icon to delete all recently viewed pages


Go to IE –> Tap on the three dots [ As done previously]

–>Tap on settings


–>Tap on the delete history button to delete the complete browsing history.


Still if you check you can see some search terms which was saved automatically.



To Delete Search History

In the bottom panel with windows icon


–>Tap on the search icon


–>Tap the three dots –> Tap on settings


–>Tap on the delete history button to delete all search history.

Still if you check you can see some websites name coming up.


These will be the ones stored in your favourites. If you don’t want to see it. Don’t save any favourite websites.

Hope this helps