Pot’luck’ Lunch

We had a Potluck lunch in our office last week. When I mentioned it to few of my friends and relatives, they were curious as to why it was named ‘POTLUCK’. Did we get lucky to get some special food? or is it that some lucky person got the maximum food? This got me thinking and I searched online.

pot luck[1]

noun: potluck

  1. a situation in which one must take a chance that whatever is available will prove to be good or acceptable.
    “he could take pot luck in a town not noted for its restaurants”
    • North American
      a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish.
      plural noun: potlucks
      “a potluck supper”

There were a lot of references to Potluck but the following one is interesting.

According to one source[2],  the word can be traced back to Middle Ages in Europe. ‘Potluck’ supposedly came from the practice of keeping leftovers of meal in pots. These pot would be kept warm. This was particularly popular in the inns of that time. When people came by for food, they had to be lucky to get something good from the pot. It was a meal that had food available that was the ‘luck of the Pot.’

One of the original meaning of potluck, meant a meal with no planned menu. So an unexpected guest might have to accept potluck instead of a meal planned with the guest in mind.[3]

But our modern day potluck is not done in the fashion of olden days. Our Potluck was a sort of pre-planned, team food event [In this case Lunch]. We made a list of everyone and got another list of what all they can bring from home such as

  • Starters
  • Rice [Plain & Variety]
  • Chappathi/Roti
  • Different Curry
  • Cakes & Sweets

Everything was covered, and on the day of the potluck, we blocked some seats in our cafeteria. The whole meal was a treat in itself. People from different backgrounds got a wide variety of food. Everything was delicious. And for people like me who stay in PG [as a paying guest], any home-made food is like divine nectar. 🙂

The only problem we had on the whole was, since people were so enthusiastic to bring food and so a lot of rice items were wasted. We gave it away to the cafeteria staff. But still it was a lesson for us to plan carefully for next time.

Few pictures from our Potluck Lunch…





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[2] http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1426/whats-the-origin-of-potluck



Just a bit more

“Just a bit more”, Ryan muttered to himself as he tried to pull himself up the rocky outcrop. It was a depressing day, the wind made howling noises, the sky was a murky grey with hints of a downpour at any second.

Ryan was out hiking for the weekend. He loved the outdoors and always tried to find time to go out and do the things he loved. But sadly as one oftentimes encounters in life, loving something may not really be the same as wanting to do something.

For some people, loving something and doing something was synonymous. Not for him though. He loved to go out trekking and cycling. But doing it always seemed a chore to him. And he kept putting it off. But does that mean that he shouldn’t actually do it? This was a constant question in his mind.

And now in this struggle to climb up, his mind decided to remind him of all this. He grunted to himself, still trying to catch a foothold on something.

“This is sadistic really. Why do I put myself through this?”, Ryan muttered again just as he pulled himself up. But the view which greeted his eyes shut down his overthinking mind for a few seconds. Mountains.. a chain of mountains with dark grey Numbus clouds gliding past and through them.  The same howling of the wind which had seemed depressing earlier ceased to be so. Now it just sounded like a breeze. Or maybe a strong sounding breeze..

So the end, justifies the man then, Ryan thought. Smiling to himself, he sank down and leaned against a boulder. Staring at the clouds he thought, So what if I hate doing it? I guess it is for the feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of having done something , something which I always wanted to do, mayhaps yes.