My try @ writing romantic

Back in my final year, one of my classmates girlfriend was leaving college for work. He had got her some gift. But to make it personal he wanted some sort of poetry written along with it. Till then I have never tried my hand at writing any sort of poem which has a romantic touch to it. So I decided to try.

After I wrote it I realized that I feel better writing melancholic poetry than romantic ones. Anyway here’s what I came up with that day.

Just want you to know

Love is mysterious, it has a life of its own.
Love lures you to unknown pastures,
Untrodden grounds, un-ventured paths,
Love once and changed you are.

Days cease to be days,
Nights even more so.
Sleepless nights and dream-filled days,
They take over your life.

I was unaware of what I missed,
Till I met you.
You took over my life and from,
Hence tis not the same.

When my lips curl into a smile unbidden,
Know this, you fill my thoughts,
My heart and my life…
Everyday feels cheerful with you in it.

You are you.
Nothing can describe what you mean to me.
With you by my side,
I feel joyous, safe and content.
You make my life complete.

At this moment of time,
I just want you to know,
No matter how many miles separates us,
You my dear will be in my heart.

I will miss you, be sure of that,
Yet I do know this that
Memories of you will help me
Cross this short chasm of time and distance.

© 24th Jan 2014 [1am to 2am :P]



Dreamless night

All alone on a dreamless night,
Trying to search for a flickering light
Searching, Searching all in vain.
How to escape this dreary plane.
A mist, a fog, of endless nights
All the same in all this time.
Change,  please change, a desperate cry.
Tearing the darkest of the dark.
And still the search is on today.
A pulsing beat of hope remains.
If not today then some other day.
This night will turn to dawn.
A dawn for you, a dawn for me,
A new dawn for each of us.
How we take is, what remains
For you can make a dawn or night.

Keep Goin…

This feeling…something
a mist. A fog….maybe darkness…

Binding in its chains
Too difficult to break
Deep within, it is emotions that is seen
Bound in this frozen chains of darkness

Is this what is wanted?
Is this what is needed?
It all just flees
Losing memory….losing sense
It hurts to breathe
Oh! it hurts even to blink
And yet must move on
Struggling against the chain that binds
Struggling to break it…to fight it

A mere memory..
A lonely place… a misty ground
Trees all around, no one in sight
Running away, turning around,
Being chased…feeling it all.

Turn around, showing fear
Standing still, fight it
No more… no more…
It has gone on for too long
Be afraid another day
Fight, today… break the chains
Grab the sword…
Run… slash the darkness…
Lose the fear.
Slam the emotions down.
Don’t let it win.

Let tomorrow fight tomorrow
Win for today, it is yours…
Don’t lose it.
Keep goin….

Elusive Feeling

It is difficult to search, when one is blind.
Nay, not blind in the actual sense
Rather blind in the emotional sense.
A futile search, one can say,
And yet a search it is.

Can’t be stopped or paused.
It just goes on and on.
An inner search, A curious venture,
A misfortune or not I cannot say
This search for that elusive thought.

That feeling which one yearns for
And yet just as one nears it,
Just as its caught hold of,
Its gone, slipped through the fingers
Lost in time forever, that elusive feeling.

An Illusion

It’s a long way up to reach the great peak.
Appearances are deceptive.
That which appears distant,
May just be around the next bend.
That which one feels is near may never be achieved.

And yet its not this feeling
which makes the journey a difficult one.
It is the people around which makes it so.
A wrong impression, say some.
And some will be in agreement I dare say.

Yet it may not be the people in reality.
Or is it?
Are the others an Illusion? Are they really there?
Or is it one big illusion which the mind alludes to
A gigantic haze, hiding the real reason within.

It is all in the mind, I say.
This journey and all the hardship which it encompases.
If one feels it is hard, it will be.
If one fears the people around, they will be the demons of the dreams.
Yet if one believes its all in the hand then its there…
A small stone in the palm.

A futile struggle

Sitting here and staring,
Struggling against the bonds that bind me close.
Trying to forget all that was,
Trying to cope with all that is
Trying to hope for all that will be.
A wish upon a shooting star
A wish to escape it all
But still wish to face it instead.
To say, just let it go away.

I want to strike back with all I have
And yet t’ll hurt the more I care.
For alone in this cavern I do know
That the ones who bind me love me all the more.
Or maybe its just whimsical thinking on my part.
For do I really know these people here.
What they want from me is what I hold so dear.

I struggle against the binds
I struggle to give and I struggle to hide.
I know not what I ought to do.
Its one big confusion that binds me true.
To escape means to kill all whom I hold near
To stay would kill me deep within
What to do ? I just wish I knew.

Just an answer will not do
For white and black makes not life.
Its all shades of grey I see,
And from it my bonds will not fall.
Its all a matter of opinion I think
To stay or move is as I choose to think.

Amidst all this thoughts so blue
Can I find it in my heart so true
Just to be and just to live
For I fear I cannot kill.
So all I do is just hope on
That they do not see
The broken glass upon which I tred.
For now its only I who feel.
So God give me courage to speak no more.
Just smile and sit and the world will think no more.

In search of it

In this barren land I seek,
For that of which I cannot speak.
With it I can sleep without dreams,
With it I can live my life in peace.

Though the sun is high up in the sky,
I still tread on, my vision all a haze.
Alone in this place I blindly move,
Still it evades me, that which I seek.

Stop it! I bid my mind.
Yea, I do know, this land is not real.
Yet the feeling remains all the same.
My wish for all this to cease is futile.

A little love, a little laughter that’s all I ask.
With that I will be the warrior,
And slay this sunny hell where I dwell.
With it I can finally escape to where I belong…
To where I belong…

Just lines

A thousand thoughts a’swirling,
Making like confusing.
Life is stage, they say
and we are actors.
When do we get to change roles? I ask.
When do we change scenes?
Because to me it appears so,
That we always enact the same role.
And the curtains never seems to fall,
For the change of scene we badly need.

Random lines

Just a few lines as I wait for my train…..
‘Memories of four years
Gone quick at the blink of an eye
Random thoughts, Random events
Embarrassing, funny, irritating, depressing and happy
Multitude of memories moving past.
Bonds formed are many and of multiple types…
Friendships, some fractured
But still remaining strong.
Some weathered the weary
Days of misery and hopelessness
And still stayed afloat.
But none without its own
series of randomness.
Random people, Random meetings,
Few brings a smile, just by a thought,
Few brought hardships with its own lessons,
Few just passed by, but not without
Their own impact.
Too much to write,
few lines left.
But despite all of it,
I love the days spent in this meager four years, in our small world.
And I will cherish each moment, and all the memories
it brings forth….. For all the years ahead.’

Sanskrit Poet’s Game Part II


You are not judged

The Earth is a world, full of life
Full of Humans, beasts and birds.
Plants, and trees, flowers and shrubs.
Lakes and rivers, Oceans and seas

Of earth the humans have taken over,
To save, to serve or to rule, to destroy.
Not all are the same normal human
Some are quiet and some are bold,
Some are dreary and some are cold.

The future of the earth is with them.
To save or to destroy is in their hands
It all depends on the minds.
Some may kill or some may save.
The life saving thought is very rare
Some people got it and some people don’t:
You don’t judge me and you I for sure won’t!

© 23rd March 2007

The Reason

Dark and smelly, Deep and musty
The wine cellars are seen.
Full of ancient, old wine
Plucked from grapevines
Crushed and mashed..
Too long to make a good wine.

When it’s drunk, it makes one blank
And shaky the inexperienced…
Too little makes one want
Too much makes one faint.
Tis better not to go there..
Tis better not to drink.

I will be sober, I won’t faint.
I will not hurt you, nor hit you.
I won’t be blurry nor fall down.
All these will happen, If I am not drunk.
That is the reason I never drink—wine…nor let others.

© 29th March 2007

The Rain

Smell of wet earth wafting through
All the musty rooms so cool.
Water sogging all the way through
The Roofs of houses made so crude.

Water coming down the walls
Drizzling, Drizzling over again;
Drops and drops of H2O
Dribbling through the pane again.

Lightning flashing across the skies,
Making thunder all the while.
Distant smoke curling up the sky,
From the trees caught afire.

Windows, doors banging shut,
Loud noises from afar.
Loud and soft, Loud and soft.
Banging noises on and on.

Moaning and groaning as it speeds,
Across the skies and land and seas,
Making certain noises past;
That’s just how the wind blows fast.

© 1st April 2007

This is my longest one till date.. 

On The Boot Hill

On and on she went on,
Towards the distant hill.
Winding up and up the path,
Away from the wizard.

The sun shone down.
With a smile and a sigh,
Looking on and on,
Upon the quiet lass with her little dog.

Walking alone, by the brick road
Along with her trusting dog.
Dorothy was her name
And Toto her dog’s.

She had gotten lost here
In this magic place.
Amidst a tornado, from her sweet home,
In Kansas to this land.

She killed the Wicked Witch of the east.
With her house using the twister.
The Witch of the West wanted revenge
Against Dorothy for killing her sister.

The Witch of the North, Good Glinda
Advised her to wear the slippers she found.
And never to take them off.
Maybe it was for protection, maybe for plain fun.

She was told to go to the Emerald city.
To see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz,
To get his help and go back home,
Back to Kansas.

So she followed the yellow brick road,
To the Emerald city.
On the way she met some friends
Who helped her till the End.

The Scarecrow with no brain,
The Tin-man with no heart,
The Lion who was a coward
Were her good friends.

They had gone to the city
To see the Wizard of Oz.
He was no help, To all of them
So they left downhearted.

As fate went on, she went on.
With the help of her friends,
She killed they Wicked Witch of West.
Sister to the one in the east.

Her friends found out,
That they indeed had all things
They wanted above all.
A brain, A heart and Courage.

Now she wanted to go,
Towards her dearest home.
Tired was she of this land,
Though it offered her a lot more.

So now she walked with her dog,
According to the Good Witch,
Towards the hill which is now near,
To take herself back home.

The hill was reached and they stood there,
At the very top of it.
Looking all around, memorizing all,
To her dear hearts content.

The air around glittered as she appeared
Glinda the Good Witch of the North;
She told Dorothy to tap her heels together,
And say the magic words.

And so she tapped and said the words,
“There is no place like home” on and on.
And back she was in Kansas, amidst her Family
In the blink of an eye.

Though all made fun of her story,
She and Toto knew it was true.
To go back there so soon was
Not up to Fate.

So to make the Ruby slippers safe,
They went to Boot hill.
There she took off the ruby boots
And she put the “boot” in Boot Hill…

© 11th April 2007