Hard disk cover

I got a new 1 TB hard disk(Seagate Backup plus). So I thought of making a cover for it. Inspiration struck when I saw a bubble wrap. Why not make a cove which imitates that. It will protect the hard disk from sudden falls too (at least I hope it will) . Any way it won’t slip from my hand that much I am sure. The colour is lighter than how it is in the photograph.


The pattern is quite simple. Make a foundation chain to the approximate width of the hard disk. Then work in round with sc for a row. Then start of with popcorn stitch.

Hard - disk case 2For the first row of popcorn stitch I used –>  http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Tutorials/How-to-Crochet-a-Popcorn-Stitch


I followed that row off with a row of dc and then alternated with popcorn stitch with hdc substituted for the sc given in the pattern from the link above.


The yarn is a Lilac shade from Laura Knitting cotton which I bought from http://www.ponycraftstore.com/

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