An Illusion

It’s a long way up to reach the great peak.
Appearances are deceptive.
That which appears distant,
May just be around the next bend.
That which one feels is near may never be achieved.

And yet its not this feeling
which makes the journey a difficult one.
It is the people around which makes it so.
A wrong impression, say some.
And some will be in agreement I dare say.

Yet it may not be the people in reality.
Or is it?
Are the others an Illusion? Are they really there?
Or is it one big illusion which the mind alludes to
A gigantic haze, hiding the real reason within.

It is all in the mind, I say.
This journey and all the hardship which it encompases.
If one feels it is hard, it will be.
If one fears the people around, they will be the demons of the dreams.
Yet if one believes its all in the hand then its there…
A small stone in the palm.

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