In The Garret

The past two weeks have been good. I was re-reading a lot of my old favourite story books. Whilst reading, today I got reminded of the poem ,’In The Garret’ from Good Wives by Louisa M. Alcott. I read it long back, At that time I didn’t know about e-books and such and I wrote it all down in 2004 (7th March đŸ˜‰ ). Its been ten years since I first read it..

Now the book is easily available as ebook from Project Gutenberg website as well as the poem online(

The poem though, I don’t know why but it always had a special place in my heart. Time flies, just like what is written. Just like the little chests dim with dust and worn by time so was my written copy rusted with time.


I don’t want to write much. Just a few thoughts thats all

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