Random lines

Just a few lines as I wait for my train…..
‘Memories of four years
Gone quick at the blink of an eye
Random thoughts, Random events
Embarrassing, funny, irritating, depressing and happy
Multitude of memories moving past.
Bonds formed are many and of multiple types…
Friendships, some fractured
But still remaining strong.
Some weathered the weary
Days of misery and hopelessness
And still stayed afloat.
But none without its own
series of randomness.
Random people, Random meetings,
Few brings a smile, just by a thought,
Few brought hardships with its own lessons,
Few just passed by, but not without
Their own impact.
Too much to write,
few lines left.
But despite all of it,
I love the days spent in this meager four years, in our small world.
And I will cherish each moment, and all the memories
it brings forth….. For all the years ahead.’

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