The History of Crochet (and why we love it)

Aww Crochet

Love Lily


According to research, crochet developed most directly from Chinese needlework; an ancient embroidery known in North Africa, India, Persia, and Turkey, and reached Europe in the 1700s. The initial technique later evolved to what the French called “crochet in the air” at the end of the 18th century.  In the early 1800s, crochet began turning up in Europe and was given publicity by Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere, who was known for her ability to take an old-style needle and bobbin lace design and turn it into crochet patterns that could easily be duplicated.  She published pattern books so that women everywhere could copy her designs.


So, what is it about crochet that’s so appealing?  Maybe it’s the classic everyday appeal that simultaneously offers a feminine character. Additionally, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in crochet, which adds a certain delicacy to the pattern.  Crochet really…

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