A poster for fun

I just made this for a competition. The topic was, “We are what we eat.”

Some people were telling me that I should have put pictures of obese people giving advice. I did think of it while making it. But then I thought…who am I to advice and tell people what to do.

People should think for themselves what they ought to do. And I did not want to insult people just because they are obese. Half the time the obesity is due to thyroid or some similar reason and not because of over-eating. So such an approach did not sound good to me.

Sorry to get distracted from the point but that is just my opinion. So I made it as I liked it.Image

One thought on “A poster for fun

  1. our body is like what it is not just because of the food we consume…as you pointed out genetic, hormonal and other factors and diseases also have a major role in it… i guess we should understand our body’s nature and do accordingly 🙂


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