Words….which matter

These lines are extracted from a fanfiction…I liked them a lot. they can be found at the link given.

—————-Inevitable – EggplantAndCaviar at Ashwinder ——————————————-

Many hold the belief that the ultimate goal in life is to be in a state of complete contentment, free of struggle and suffering. However, one must take into consideration that all things are relative. Without salt, there is no sweet; without dark, there is no light; without suffering, happiness cannot exist.

A life consisting only of happiness would quickly lose its beauty. It would be living life in a straight line; every day, happiness would deteriorate further into normalcy, until finally one would be caught in a state of boredom. Happiness would become like a drug – more and more would be needed to lift the spirits until, finally, stagnation would be the only sensation remaining, there being no further levels of happiness to be achieved. The smallest hitch in a plan would feel like ultimate devastation.

The ultimate goal in life, then, is to experience the fullest range of emotions possible, and to always be struggling towards some end.

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