ANOKHA 2012 – Hovercraft Racing?


Hover Rover Race

The main aim of this event is to create a miniature model of a hovercraft. The hovercraft will be tested for its track speed.

Event Managers contact details :

R. Varun Kumar
Mobile:             +91 9789066933      


Hover Rover Race

All ready to race! Then this is the platform to judge your potential. Prepare your own vehicle which will race with others.

The main principle behind its operation is the absence of friction between the body of the hovercraft and the ground. The hover consists of an air-cushion, the hovercraft body and few propellers. The propellers will help in the forward and backward motion of the hovercraft and will also help in obtaining a good air cushion. There will be a terrain course. The hover has to overcome all terrains and reach the finish. It will be a point to point race. The hover should be remote controlled and it may be wired or wireless. Points are awarded based on the completion of different zones and the time at which it completes the entire arena. The main advantage of having a hovercraft is that it does not use any fuel. This can be used over seaways for many applications.


    • Three students per team.
    • The size of the hover should be (40x30x30) cm.
    • The width of the air cushion should be at least 7mm.
    • External power sources for wired RC will be provided.
    • The points will be based on the zones. There will 3 zones. One will be land then sand and then water.
    • Participants with readymade hovercraft and readymade RC will be disqualified.
    • Winners will be judged based on the number of points earned. If there is a tie, the one with better time has the edge over the other.

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