Rose complete & Others

Finally… Yes it is complete.

The thing is I had to frog my rose first. I didn’t sew the petals very well in my first try. It looked awful to tell the truth. So I had to redo it….

Then I followed the pattern which I had given in the last post.( It can be found here ) I followed this and got something too big. It was a Rose yes But I wanted something smaller. So I counted the stitches and re-did the whole thing. And I successfully rolled and sewd it up.. Yay me..

The Stem took a while. I hdc’ed 3 rows for desired length and width and I slip-stitched the ends with a refill in b/w. I followed the leaf pattern as given in the pattern but I reduced the stitches to get smaller leaves.. Will post pictures soon.

Tomorrow is her Birthday now all I need to do is wrap it up. Oh and the thing is I kept the finished rose in a box which contained rose scented incense. Now it smells nice too.
My Recent Trip to Coimbatore Saturday, October 10, 2009

I recently went to coimbatore. There in Cross Cut Road , Gandhipuram I found a thread/Yarn shop. I didn’t get time to fully investigate what all were there. But it was a usual shop which stocked mostly in thread and acrylic yarn. I needed White acrylic for Noumi’s Lily ( I have to make it one of these days.) and I found this golden and peach shining thread thingy it made me think of making that LOTR bookmark I saw a few months back. I’ll put up the link when I make it. Anyway the store is in the right side street just before Sree Devi Textiles.

Here is the pics..

Oh and I also went to Connexions ( which was formerly called Anweshana and still formerly called Landmark. That was where I brought my original toy weaving loom in ’98 .) There I got this crochet kit thing. It wasn’t much but I just had to buy it… It cost Rs.190. I got 2 plastic tapestry needle and 2 thick crochet hook. Don’t know the size but it was much thicker than the hooks I had. It was had 7 acrylic yarn and an instruction booklet. I thought that would help Renjitha. Renjitha came to my house one day and I just taught her sc, hdc and dc. It just took about an hour. Now recently when I went to her house for her B’day I saw that she is making a lovely Welcome wall hanger to be put in front of her house. No one would believe that it was made from watching me crochet just for an hour. Wow… I’ll post a photo when she finishes it and I got to her house..Now back to the kit. well I brought it and here are the pics…

Lily of the valley for Noumi Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have started to make the lily for Noumi. Its coming ok. I am using steel hook #9.


Variegated yarn? Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mother found a lot of old variegated yarn with brown white green and read mixed. It is supposedly to be brought from Delhi when my Mom’s sister went way back( a lot of years back). So now I am the proud owner of it. I ‘ll put up the photos next month cause my Internet limit has already went above the fixed time. Anyway I’m not going to use this simply. I am going to make a scarf /cap out of this so that I can keep this always.. and I am planning on making one for Nishanth too( My mother’s sister’s son). The thing is while I was looking (feeling it up) I found a dead cockroach. I was life – live.. preserved in the yarn. I don’t know how it got there..but ugh… I’ll need to wash it up now..

Noumi’s Lily is coming ok..I finished one with my #9 silver hook. Next I am trying with my 4mm Aluminium hook. I made 3 flowers. I thought different sized flowers would look more original. We’ll see.

The pattern can be found at this page

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